Monday, July 13, 2015

Eventful Weekend

I attended some great events this weekend! On Saturday, I went to an Outfest panel entitled Web Series: In With the New Out. After a screening of episodes of "80/20," "Wallflowers," "Dyke Central," "Kelsey," "The Transgender Project," and "Where the Bears Are," Canadian moderator Damian Pelliccione of Boys in Tech spoke with representatives from each of the web series. Thanks to the other Canadian on the panel, Kevin O'Keefe from "The Transgender Project," I learned that there are government funds available for Canadian web productions. As a Canadian filmmaker in LA, I'm not quite sure if I would qualify, but it's definitely something I will be investigating. My major takeaway from the event was that I learned that this type of project can go in various directions - a web series can find success through many outlets. I'm excited to see where ours will go!

On Sunday, I attended Full Circle's Activ888 meditation, where I heard guest Mark Shapiro speak on the topic of authenticity. I'm particularly passionate about this subject, so I was very interested in his talk. I loved that, in speaking about authenticity, he fused it with the word "community." As Missy and I focus on our Unbreakable Missy & Lori series, and stay true to our project and ourselves, I believe that we will find a strong community who will support us. I am happy to say that we've actually received some wonderful feedback on Twitter recently, with our viewers saying that our first episode was "so funny," "awesome," and that they "look forward to seeing it progress."

Twitter feedback regarding Unbreakable Missy & Lori Episode 1
Today, I came across "Unbreakable Me: Finding Yourself After Parenthood #KimmySchmidt" by mommy blogger Lisa Collins. Collins reminds us to embody Kimmy Schmidt's zest for life, and to discover your true self. Perhaps your authentic self? At the end of her article, Collins asks, "Have you introduced the world to Unbreakable You?" I reiterate, have you?

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