Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rock Out

Ellie Kemper and Donna Farizan Periscoping from The Today Show green room
This morning, I watched Ellie Kemper on The Today Show as she Periscoped from the green room. Then, I headed off to work for Muse to demo their meditation device at the Idea World Fitness Convention.

Afterwards, I quickly headed out to see Tammy Faye Starlite and Jill Sobule perform. I had a chance to tell Jill how much she influenced my teenage years with her music, and that she was an inspiration for two of my upcoming Unbreakable Missy & Lori episodes. Amazingly, she wants to check out our series so I'm feeling pretty good right about now! I was seriously obsessed with the movie Clueless growing up and I'm truly honored that the singer of "Supermodel" knows about our series now and wants me to pass it along to her.

Jill Sobule and me

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