Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Friends First

As a blogger, there's one thing I've struggled with:  what to do when my professional news is good but personal news is bad. Today is one of those days, and I've decided that I will simply report the personal.

This morning, a friend of mine texted me that she was very sick and being admitted to the hospital. She asked me to pray or send good vibes, which I did immediately, and especially during my yoga this afternoon.

I decided to share this news here because it reminded me of something I told Missy when we first began our web series. I had said, "No matter what happens with this project, it's always going to be friends first." I live my life this way, and this news stood as an important reminder that friends and family come before professional priorities.

Secondly, my hospital-stricken friend has been there for me and supporting me since the beginning of my time in LA. A Titus figure, if you will. She even worried about my attending Full Circle's events, for fear that it was a cult. (Do I sound like Kimmy or what?) I assured her it was not, and I loved that she truly cared about my wellbeing.

Coincidentally, I happened to come across the below image on Instagram today. I call upon the collective power of healing and community and ask you to please send any positive vibes you can to my friend. Namaste.

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