Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's a Wrap!

Missy and I have had a busy past few days! On Saturday, we spent the day in Anaheim, heading to both VidCon and Vegan Faire. Sunday was a full day of filming, wrapping on production for Episodes 2 and 3. Now Missy is busy editing our next episodes so that we can have them up on our YouTube channel as soon as possible!

I was very happy to see that Ellie Kemper's performance on Friday at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal was lauded, judging by this Montreal Gazette article and the posts I saw on Instagram. I was also excited to find an article that linked lessons from Kimmy Schmidt to those which are beneficial for startups to learn about investors, especially since Missy and I share a common interest in the tech community.

While we were filming on Sunday, a passerby inquired about our production. He was very excited to learn that we have a female director, and said that we need more in the industry. Of course, soon after this conversation, I happened to discover Decider's article "25 Female Directors You Should Know." I was happy to see that I knew many of them.

And in truly bizarre news, in a quest to find one of my past blog articles, I instead came across an article which featured a tweet of mine. "Shane Mosley announces return to ring for bout with Ricardo Mayorga" begins with my tweet and group photo from our filming with Shane Mosley!

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